Benefits of Genuine Windows 10 pro (All versions & Software)

benefits of genuine windows
Benefits of Genuine Windows
 Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of using original Windows? After going through this article your all doubts will be clear on using genuine Windows over pirated ones.

Genuine windows are created by Microsoft company started by Bill Gates. Whether you want Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home or Windows 7 pro or any other version of Windows, not everybody can afford it as it sells between 6k to 10k which is a bit pricey for the major populations.

Why would anyone spend this much on Windows instead they can get graphics card or processor or any other peripheral at this price. This is the reason why users buy Windows from the pirated market cause they get it at a much cheaper rate or download it from illegal websites.

But there is a catch, users download cracked windows from other sources and start using it without giving any second thoughts. Have you ever wondered why even in the first place you got Windows easily that too for free when it costs 6k-10k in the market or any other software?

The main reason is that these windows are created by hackers and it takes years of practice and deep study to hack these levels of software, so will they give you anything for free? Big NO.

Any cracked software or Windows are not clean they are filled with bugs and malware, so when you download and install it on your PC or laptop, they get full access of your machine and at any time they can enter any drive or documents of your PC or laptops.

Suppose you have some confidential information on your laptop or any banking details, will they be safe anymore? In short, your privacy is at stake, you are exposed to them now.

What are the disadvantages of pirated windows 10?

Some users ordered something online and paid online, in between the hacker changed and address and got the product.

If you are doing any financial transaction or cash transfer to third parties, they can change the account number and your payment will be diverted to their accounts.

Whether you are working in an office or with any reputed firm you always have confidential data on your machine or any sensitive information, all these data can be transferred or wiped out in a click of one button.

Your data can be hijacked by the intruder and in return, you have to pay a good amount to get back your data.

Many users’ personal information such as photos, videos were published on social media without their consent.

Note that not everyone faced hacker's wrath, but still a good number of users were hacked. 

Note, if you are a casual user like you do not do any financial transaction or keep it very minimal or do not have any sensitive information on your machine then you can go for any Windows as per your requirement. But, if you work online, do transactions, do online shopping strictly go for genuine Windows 10.

The most beneficial part of using genuine Windows is that you get security updates regularly so that your PC or laptop is safe from any cyber threat. As soon as someone bugs your PC the company people get alert and they create a wall or software to block the threat by updating when you start PC or laptop. This is good if you are not sound in technical knowledge.

Lastly, you are free from any unwanted attacks or someone might revoke your privacy.

Another part is from a humane point of view, friends creating windows take a lot of efforts and years, many engineers are constantly working on making software better and more secure for us, this is how do we replay them.

Remember we are paying for their hard work, their services and you are also supporting the economy in a manner.

Why Microsoft Windows allow piracy?
Do you think that the company cannot stop piracy, especially in India? Yes, they can so why are they not doing it? 

Due to one simple reason ‘getting you addicted to Windows,’ to wipe out competitors like Ubuntu, Linux or Mac.

The major part of kids and teenagers are used to Windows operating system, so when they go to schools or colleges or offices they usually work on Windows and then the real encashment begins for the Microsoft company cause using pirated software can result in heavy penalties to these institutes and companies.

Can I get genuine Windows in much cheaper rate?
Yes you can at 10$ to 14$ or Rs. 700 to 900. How and why? To know this read this another article where I have explained how to get cheaper Windows 10 pro product key or Windows 7 pro or any other Windows and how you install and activate it. Read more…

Conclusion on the benefits of genuine windows:

So do not want to put your privacy at risk if you are not a casual user, then go for original version of Windows.

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